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Design great labels to match your awesome products

When a consumer finds a new product, they first notice how the label looks and how the item is branded prior to even knowing entirely what's inside. If your product doesn’t pass that first test, it’s less likely someone will be willing to pick it up.

In the following post, we're going to talk about why label design is so important for your private-label men's grooming products and show you how to access and start the design on your own. You may be thinking that your product's performance should speak for itself and that label design is just an afterthought. However, in today's crowded marketplace, your label design can be the difference between your product standing out on the shelf and getting lost in the sea of competition.

Beard Balm Example Label

First and foremost, your label is the face of your product. It's the first thing that a customer sees when they approach your product on the shelf or online. Your label needs to communicate your product's identity and make a strong first impression. It needs to clearly and effectively communicate what your product is, what it does, and who it's for.

CHRMN Beard OilFor example, if you're selling high-end beard oil for men, the label needs to show that this is a high-quality product that will make the beard healthy and full. You may choose to use classic black and white imagery or a sleek, modern design that speaks to the contemporary man. Regardless of your approach, your label needs to capture the attention of your target market and make them want to pick

up your product.

Another important aspect of label design is differentiation. As a private label product, you're competing with both other private label brands and major players in the men's grooming industry. Your label needs to set your product apart and make it unique in the marketplace.

One way to achieve differentiation is through branding. Your label should be consistent with your brand identity and communicate your brand's message. This can be achieved through the use of color, typography, imagery, and messaging.

For example, if your brand is focused on using all-natural ingredients, your label should communicate that message. You could use earthy colors and images that remind people of nature, or you could use words that talk about how natural your product is. By doing so, you'll be able to stand out in the marketplace and appeal to consumers who are looking for all-natural grooming products.

Label design can also play a role in building brand loyalty. A well-designed label can create an emotional connection with your customers and make them feel like they're part of a community. This can lead to repeat purchases and brand advocacy.

For instance, if your brand has a unique mascot or logo, that image can be featured prominently on the label. This can create a sense of familiarity and recognition with your brand and make customers feel like they're part of a group of like-minded individuals who use your products.

Finally, label design can have a significant impact on your product's perceived value. A well-designed label can make your product look more premium and expensive than it actually is, which can lead to higher price points and increased profit margins.

For instance, if the writing on your label is embossed or made of gold foil, customers may think your product is more expensive and be willing to pay more for it. In the same way, if your label has a simple, clean design, customers may think your product is expensive and high-end.

Gold Dropper Bottles

In conclusion, label design is a crucial aspect of your private-label men's grooming products. It's the first thing that customers see when they approach your product, and it can make the difference between standing out in the marketplace or getting lost in the competition. Your product's label needs to tell people what it is, set it apart from other products on the market, and build brand loyalty. By taking the time to invest in a well-designed label, you'll be setting your product up for success in the highly competitive men's grooming industry.

Directions on using our Label Guidelines and Templates to achieve your best looking labels:

    1. Download the Private Label Men’s Grooming Label Guidelines and Template - Download
    2. Once downloaded and the file is opened please carefully read the first page. This page serves as guidelines to ensure your product is compliant with the regulations in place to make sure your product is appropriately labeled for sale in the US.
    3. You may change the fonts, font size, colors and include any additional branding you feel is appropriate including logo or label art.
    4. You may also change the name of the product if you would like as long as it doesn’t make any claims about treating, preventing or curing diseases or medical ailments. “Dandruff” “eczema” and “acne” fall into this category and none of our products can be marketed to treat, prevent or cure these or similar ailments.
    5. You may not change the Ingredients list.
    6. You will need to include your business name and address in the “distributed by” section of the label.
    7. Label recommended sizes are provided but can be made smaller if preferred.
    8. Once label design is finalized, we recommend printing (to scale) at home with standard printer paper. Cut and tape to the sample bottle to get a sense of how the look and shape fits to the bottle.
    9. If you are satisfied with the look and design of your label you are now ready for print.

Printing your labels: 

To get the best-looking labels for your products, we recommend finding a great label printing partner. There are likely good local providers near you but in the event you are looking for a trusted supplier who can provide great looking labels, quickly for great value, we recommend - Wizard Labels

Steps to get great labels from Wizard Labels - 

  1. At Wizard Labels click on “Order Now / Get Quote”
  2. Choose your label shape - Most will be Rectangle
  3. Enter the appropriate dimensions of your label design.Wizard Labels Guide 1
  4. If Private Label Men’s Grooming is applying your labels (orders 500 units or more) the labels need to be in unwind position #4 (Left off first) and will be machine applied. If you are hand applying labels the unwind position does not matter and select “hand applied.”
  5. Enter the number of label variations by label size. Some of our label templates are the same size by design. By doing so you are able to split a label order to keep your costs down by creating different variations of the same label size.
  6. Enter the total number of labels needed at that size. Include different variations if any.Wizard Variations and Volume Screen
  7. Select the appropriate label material - we recommend “White BOPP Plastic - Permanent”
  8. Select the finish of your label
  9. Select the corner of your labelLabel Finish Selections at Wizard Labels
  10. Quote will be provided immediately and if satisfied select “order now”
  11. Upload your artwork in the following steps.

Note: As much as we love Wizard Labels, we are not affiliated with them or able to assist with any customer service needs.

Follow these steps and use the guidelines and templates to get started making your great looking labels.

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